The performance of every site depends not only on the script that it functions with, but also on the server where it is accommodated. If the hardware is powerful and reliable, the apps running on it will function well. Additional RAM, for example, suggests that more processes can work in the same time, while a faster processor indicates that all these processes will be executed faster. This matters as a web hosting service includes email messages, databases, logs, and many others, so each of the last mentioned processes requires some resources in order to work effectively. When the server doesn't have the right amount of power, the Internet sites hosted on it will not perform well or may even time out in case the machine is unable to manage all requests to it. Hosting your sites on servers with appropriate hardware will provide you with the performance which you want for them.
24-core servers, hardware in Website Hosting
In case you opt to get one of our website hosting plans, you won't have to be worried about the servers where your sites will be accommodated or about the lack of system resources. We employ an advanced cloud platform and each service is handled by an individual cluster of servers. Every single machine inside the clusters contains 24 processor cores and 64 GB RAM, so whatever the applications you would like to work with, they will function at top speed constantly. We could always include extra machines to any of the clusters, meaning that the processing power and the hard disk space for our solutions is practically unlimited. For even superior performance, we employ solid-state drives for the storage, that will increase the overall performance of your websites significantly. Since our servers are not only powerful, but also redundant, you won't notice any downtime for any website which you host with us.
24-core servers, hardware in Dedicated Servers Hosting
The dedicated servers which we offer will give you the power that you need for your Internet sites since we provide machines with as much as 16 GB RAM and as many as 12 CPU cores. This vast power will be at your disposal at all times and will not be shared with others. If you don't need such an amount of system resources, we have less powerful servers as well, and the quality of the machine shall not change. All parts that we use are tested to make sure that there won't be hardware problems, but even if something happens, the tech support crew in our US datacenter is available 24/7 to replace any component within a matter of minutes. All dedicated servers feature multiple hard drives as well as gigabit network cards, so if you obtain a machine from our company, you can host resource-demanding Internet sites without ever worrying about their functionality.